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10 tips to keep your nails looking nice during lockdown...!

Struggling to keep your nails looking healthy and neat at home? Here's a few tips and tricks that you can use at home to get them looking as close to salon perfect as possible!

If we could all do our nails as good as our nail techs or beauty therapists then none of us would ever get our nails done! I hope with these few tips you can get your nails looking as close to salon perfect as possible at home to give you that little lift we all need at the moment.

  • If gel nails need to be removed always make sure you buff the surface of the gels before starting the soak off process, it will take half the time to soak them if you do!

  • When applying top coat always sweep the brush across the tip of the nail to seal it.

  • If your not the neatest painter then don't worry, all you will need is a cocktail stick, cotton wool and nail polish remover. Twist the cocktail stick gently onto some cotton wool (separate a cotton pad and use the centre part), dip into the remover and it will create the perfect tool to sweep away any uneven edges or flooding of the cuticle area.

  • It's always better to apply more layers and keep them thin then apply one or two thick coats ... the thinner the layers the better!

  • Always push back cuticles before painting the nails! if you have the tools to then gently nip any excess skin. Its better to do this once the hands have been soaked for at least 5 mins. Painted nails always look better when your cuticles are pushed back and will also make it easier for you to paint them without flooding the cuticles with polish.

  • Always use a base coat! not only does it protect the nail from the pigments in the nail polish but it gives the varnish something to adhere to, this can make your polish stay perfect for a few extra days!

  • ALWAYS use cuticle oil! even when you have your nails painted its important to keep your cuticle area healthy and nourished. This helps strengthen the new nails growing through and can prevent your current nail from flaking.

  • To help your nails to dry a little bit quicker just run them under the cold tap.

  • I should hope that you already know to wear gloves when washing up or cleaning.

  • Never scrape off your nail varnish! I know its very tempting when you see that little patch bubbling up but resist! You will strip the protective layer of the nail by doing this which can lead to weak dry nails.

  • If you can, when painting your nails keep it to three brush strokes per nail. One down the middle and then one either side. By going back and fiddling, trying to get the polish as perfect as possible, you are more likely to make them messier.

  • If your nails need to be shortened its always better to clip them first to the desired length and then file into shape. The less filing the better, and it makes it easier to get a nice even shape.

  • If your have a nail break but its too low to chop it down all you need is some nail glue and a tea bag. Cut a tiny square out of the tea bag, (big enough to cover the break) apply a tiny amount of nail glue onto the break in the nail, then pop the tea bag cut out onto the glued area. Make sure the whole square is soaked in nail glue, if it's not the apply a tiny bit more glue. Once fully dried you can buff over to smooth the glued area, then paint over as normal.

I hope you have found these tips helpful, enjoy painting your nails at home and stay healthy and safe! If you wish to then send me the before and after photos of your lovely nails, i would love to see how you all get on!

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