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  • Radiant skin-

    Sleep Glycolic sloughs off dead skin cells to reveal a visibly glowing complexion

  • Refined texture and tone

    In a study of 34 people who used Sleep Glycolic for 4 weeks, 97% felt Sleep Glycolic smoothed their skin surface, while 94% felt their skin was visibly illuminated.

  • True 10% encapsulated glycolic acid-

    The high concentration formula is time-released into the skin overnight to gently deliver optimum AHA power.

  • Healthy Skin Barrier-

    Sleep Glycolic is non-drying on the skin - keeping our natural protective barrier healthy and strong is key.

  • Complement your in-clinic experience-

    Ideal to prepare for a first ever peel programme, or to prolong the results of a peeling/facial course.




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