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Treatment list 

Medik8 Facials

Platinum Facial  £85

Glowing Facial  £75

Clarity Facial £70

Pore Refining Facial  £70

Deep Hydration Facial  £70

Calming Facial  £75

Medik8 Skin Peel £85

* If your not sure which facial to book then you can book a free consultation before your treatment!

Eye Treatments

Eyebrow Shape  £14

Eyebrow Tint  £12

Eyebrow Tint and Shape £24

Eyelash Tint  £24

Eyebrow and Eyelash Tint  £34

LVL Lash Lift  £58

Henna Brows £42

* A patch test is necessary before any tinting or LVL treatment can be carried out.

Permanent brows 

Consultation - FREE 

Ombre shaded brows £350

Shaded brows £350

Combination brows £350

Hair stroke brows £350

4-6 week top up (after initial treatment) Free

10-18 month top up £200

* Please book in for a consultation before coming in for any permanent brow treatments. 

Hand and Foot Care

Standard polish manicure £35

Standard polish pedicure  £45

Luxury gel manicure £40

Elim gel pedicure £50

Soak Off + gel manicure £40

Gel manicure £35

Soak Off £18

Express gel toes £35

* If gels have been applied else where please remove them before coming to your nail appointment. 


Half Leg Wax £25

3/4 Leg Wax  £30

Full Leg Wax  £35

Standard Bikini Wax  £15

Extended Bikini Wax  £18

Brazilian Wax  £32

Hollywood Wax  £40

Underarm Wax  £14

Forearm Wax   £18

Full Arm Wax  £25

Upper Lip Wax  £10

Lip and Chin Wax  £18

Back or Chest Wax  £35

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